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Toll increases

Unpredictable times with additional challenges

The REBER Group is known for starting into the world of tomorrow with curiosity and energy and for achieving great things with the know-how of its employees. According to the best knowledge of the furniture industry extended by further competence areas of the two new locations Alsfeld and Neustadt at the Aisch. 

At the same time, the group's employees know every day how important their role is in the logistics system. And if the industry were not complex enough, politicians are also turning small but effective cogs. For example, the truck toll throughout Germany was adjusted upward at the beginning of the year and on the basis of a new road cost report. The report is the basis for the regular, five-year adjustment of toll prices. 

In this case, the Federal Ministry of Transport took the period 2023 to 2027 as the basis for revising the Federal Highway Toll Act. This in turn is expected to generate additional revenue of around 41.5 billion euros over the next five-year period.

A circumstance, the group regards as little helpful in the view of the total happening, but must naturally carry. In this sense, REBER wishes all employees who are on the national and international roads, according to the positioning, a lot of willpower to keep the logistics system running.