A new cupboard in 5 days at the latest

"Choose from any one of 500 different design options and let your creativity run free" – this is the invitation that Nolte-Möbel extends to their customers when it comes to buying bedroom furniture. In addition to this, the company also offers a customer-friendly and fast delivery service, thanks to the support of the REBER Group. REBER can realise deliveries that would normally take several weeks in a matter of just a few days. To be more precise, the customer's individually put together ensemble of bedroom furniture will be delivered to the warehouse of the furniture retailer, and therefore to the customer, in five days at the latest. To make this possible, REBER keeps a stock of components for all possible combinations in their warehouse and sends them out packed in boxes as network-compatible shipping units. An intelligent solution that secures a competitive advantage for Nolte-Möbel in the eyes of their customers.