Our steps for the
world of tomorrow


At REBER, we are committed to actively contributing to the creation of a sustainable and livable future. This commitment extends across various projects and developments and reflects our sense of responsibility for the environment, community and innovation. 

Because we firmly believe: sustainability is non-negotiable and affects us all.

REBER plants 60,000 trees

The REBER Group is taking innovative steps to minimize its ecological footprint. Instead of CO₂ certificates, the company is relying on a direct and visible measure: offsetting the entire CO₂ emissions of its more than 180 vehicles by planting 60,000 trees. This ambitious sustainability project in collaboration with WooDu aims not only to neutralize the environmental impact, but also to actively contribute to climate protection. The forest conversion in Brandenburg, which transforms a monoculture into a mixed forest, underlines the REBER Group's efforts for a sustainable and climate-friendly future.

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Protection of the
environment and habitats

To offset CO₂ emissions and preserve biodiversity, we work with partners such as Feldwerk, WooDu and Salubria and make a major contribution to protecting the environment.

A home for bees

As part of a bee sponsorship with the Salubria Honigmanufaktur, two hives each were set up at the Melle and Leipzig locations. More will be added in Germersheim from 2024. The colonies not only enrich our surroundings with flowering meadows, but suppliers, partners and employees also benefit from self-produced honey.

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Flowering meadows for species protection

REBER supports the Feldwerk initiative by sponsoring a 6,000 sqm area planted with field flowers. The area gives insects a flowering home and counteracts the decline of species.

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Sustainable supply
chains & processes


We invest in the latest technologies to speed up processes, further develop software and thus improve our own performance and services.


Use of green electricity at all locations

Since the beginning of 2022, the entire REBER Group has been purchasing 100 percent green electricity. The current construction of a photovoltaic plant in Germersheim and our own electricity production in Melle underline our commitment to environmentally friendly alternatives.

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Efficiency through long truck types 

REBER sets new standards in logistics with the Gigaliner. The length of the truck allows the transport of approx. 140 m³ freight, an increase of 50% compared to conventional vehicles. 

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More sustainability with LNG and CNG trucks

With one CNG plant distribution vehicle, nine LNG tractor units in our fleet, we are taking a step further toward CO₂ neutrality. The investment in alternative drive systems reflects our commitment to environmentally friendly transport.

Use of long semitrailer truck

Our fleet of 25 Type 1 long trailers not only focuses on increased transport capacity, but also on sustainability. With 10% more volume, 10% fewer CO₂ emissions and 10% less fuel consumption, these vehicles stand for more efficient and environmentally friendly logistics.

Sustainable IT infrastructure through PUE

With a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.3, REBER is committed to the highest energy efficiency in the external data center. This value reflects our commitment to extremely efficient energy consumption, supported by regular audits and certifications according to ISO27001, ISO22237, EN50600, TÜV.TSI, TSI.Pulse and TSI.Green.


FUMO Green Carrier Zertifizierung 

Proving that sustainability and logistics harmonize is an ongoing task for us. Our commitment to the FUMO® Green Carrier Audit 2023 shows that we have made significant progress in Neustadt.

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Social commitment
and initiatives


Community is a top priority at every level. REBER values its employees and has been recognized as both a top employer and a top trainer.


Sponsor of the first aid book from FÖV Notfallmedizin Bielefeld e.V.

Also this year we supported the project of the Förderverein Notfallmedizin Bielefeld and the air rescue station "Christoph 13". 3755 first aid workbooks were distributed to elementary schools to teach vital skills and increase the safety of children. 

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Barmer Moveguide competition for health ideas of trainees

REBER is a proud participant in the BARMER Moveguide, a nationwide competition for company health ideas of trainees. Our committed trainees from Melle contribute their ideas to the inspiring health project. 

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Apprentice training as energy scouts

Our apprentices have the opportunity to become real energy efficiency experts. With a special qualification, they gain in-depth knowledge of how to identify and document energy-saving potential and initiate improvements. 

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