Beverage industry

Tucher Privatbrauerei GmbH & Co. KG
Getränke Waldhoff GmbH & Co. KG
Hermann Pfanner Getränke GmbH


Franken Brunnen, Tucher, Waldhoff and Pfanner are renowned companies in the beverage industry. Franken Brunnen produces a variety of beverages with a focus on sustainability. Tucher is a traditional brewery that offers a wide range of beers. Waldhoff specializes in fruit juices and attaches great importance to quality and taste. Pfanner is known for high-quality fruit juices and drinks with a strong commitment to sustainability.



Our customers expect logistics processes that are based on fast and short-term disposition in order to meet specific requirements. In addition to on-time deliveries, smooth unloading by experienced staff and the accurate picking of beverages are top priorities. The management and storage of empties, including all the necessary transportation processes, are also of crucial importance. Our customers rely on us to optimize their logistics processes and provide a seamless and efficient service so that they can concentrate fully on their core business.