Transport logistics
overcome distance.

With a state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles for the furniture industry
and well-equipped for all other sectors too

Your flexible resources

When transport resources are called for, REBER will be there to help, with their own fleet of vehicles and a network of reliable partners. With flexible availability, their fleet includes swap body and articulated trucks, semi-trailers and longer semi-trailers, as well as sprinter trucks and minibuses for urgent jobs. Depending on requirements, they are fitted with a box or a tarpaulin body, a lifting platform or a truck-mounted forklift.

200 of our
own vehicles
700 swap bodies
130 trailers
plus 60 freight forwarders

From making to managing

From transport to retail outlets, between factories or to the end customer through to the management of supply chains. At REBER, transport logistics is viewed and handled in an all-encompassing way. This leaves you free to concentrate on your core business activities.

Overview of our services

[Translate to Englisch:] Europaweiter Verkehr Reber Transportlogistik

Europe-wide transport

On the road to the south, to England or right across Europe. With swap body or articulated trucks. Or as special transport if the consignment is particularly urgent or your goods require special treatment.

[Translate to Englisch:] Kombinierter Verkehr Transportlogistik Reber

Combined transport

The best of both worlds: combining road and rail transport. For efficient routes, reduced costs and improved sustainability.

[Translate to Englisch:] Nahverkehr Transportlogistik Reber

Local transport

For the distribution of small consignments in the customer's immediate surrounding area. Between 8 and 12 retail delivery points per day. Or up to 30 delivery points for deliveries to end customers. If required, also with a stop-off in a transshipment warehouse.

[Translate to Englisch:] Tourenplanung Transportlogistik Reber

Route planning and production

On the basis of both sales data and the specifications and wishes of the customer. For optimal deployment of the freight forwarder and a harmonious freight relationship. On request also with the customer's fixed deadlines. All planned and monitored with software support. Data is constantly recorded in real time and any adjustments that are needed are made automatically. This also means that the customer's production facilities can be kept running at full capacity.

[Translate to Englisch:] Endkundenauslieferung Transportlogistik Reber

Delivery to
end customers

Whether the items for delivery are cabinets, kitchen furniture or white goods – they all require close proximity to the customer and local support. This can be provided by our transport experts who handle our deliveries in two-man teams to provide a great local service.

Quality management

This is assured along the entire supply chain. Starting with the loading of vehicles, we ensure that loading regulations are complied with, check that loads are properly secured and inspect the quality of the packaging. REBER also scrutinise the working methods of the loading personnel and the expertise of the drivers to ensure that they are in line with current standards and the customer's requirements. From the information that we gather, our quality experts draw up clear and concise reports for the customer and give recommendations for measures to bring about improvements.

Driver support

We believe that quality starts with satisfied drivers. For this reason, our quality managers provide support to our drivers during their on-site audits, addressing any points that need to be resolved and passing these on to the relevant specialists in the branches. They discuss everyday issues and offer important tips, for example to increase the efficiency of their driving style. A key factor when it comes to driver satisfaction is the condition of the vehicles. Our quality managers therefore inspect the vehicles and report any damage to the fleet managers, so that they can react quickly and schedule a visit to the repair workshop. A combination of top-class drivers and a top-class fleet of vehicles means that we are able to fulfil the high quality standards we set ourselves.