Managing logistics with foresight


Today's logistics are highly diverse and range from transport to robotics, and from making to managing. The management of complete supply chains is just as multi-faceted and requires an experienced partner with a comprehensive range of services. A partner like REBER. 

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Sound advice provides the foundation for a fully functioning and efficient supply chain. With detailed planning and management by people with the right experience, this can become your reality – and precise controlling will make your successes visible. This is all part of REBER's supply chain management.   

Overview of our services

[Translate to Englisch:] Consulting Reber Logistik


This includes an analysis of your existing logistics and the highlighting of potential areas for improvement to achieve leaner processes or new ways of organising your deliveries.

[Translate to Englisch:] Outsourcing Reber Logistik


REBER can take on the task of route planning and providing guidance and support whilst goods are on the road, including the awarding of contracts to freight forwarders and ensuring that goods arrive at the customer’s premises. In addition to this, scanning of unloaded documents, invoicing and dealing with complaints can all likewise be outsourced to REBER.

Route planning and production

On the basis of both sales data and the specifications and wishes of the customer. For optimal deployment of the freight forwarder and a harmonious freight relationship. On request also including the customer's fixed deadlines. All planned and supported with the latest software. Data is constantly recorded in real time and any adjustments that are needed are made automatically. This means constant optimisation so that the customer's production facilities can always be kept running at full capacity .

[Translate to Englisch:] Prozesssteuerung Reber Logistik

Process control

Whether this is within your plant or for the takeover of your process for outgoing goods.

[Translate to Englisch:] Controlling Reber Logistik


Ongoing controls as well as the retrospective evaluation of results form the most important foundations for successful supply chain management. REBER records and analyses your key performance indicators. Complex key performance indicators are translated into simple and clear instructions for action in either a standardised logistics report or one that has been developed especially for the customer.