Warehouse logistics
make goods available.

Storage and transshipment across
an area of 90,000 square metres

Space for doing business

A warehouse can take on a wide range of different functions and offers many possibilities. Whether the task in question is order picking, distribution or dealing with returned goods. Or perhaps handling consignments, imports or small parts. REBER has the right kind of space for any type of goods.

92,000 m² 
of warehouse

From operations to data transfer

Across an area totalling 70,000 square metres, made up of 40,000 square metres in our own facilities and 30,000 square metres in short-term lease buildings, we have the space to offer a diverse range of services, from traditional storage through to the provision of goods by means of the ‘just-in-sequence’ system. RFID technology, driverless transport systems, pick-by-voice order picking and warehouse management software all ensure efficient processes and the flexible availability of the desired articles and data.

Overview of our services

[Translate to Englisch:] Verteil-, Kommissionier- und Retourenlager Reber

Operation of distribution centres, order-picking warehouses and returns centres

Our goal is always to ensure the provision of articles according to our customers’ needs. To achieve this, our wide range of services includes the inspection of incoming goods using RFID, order picking, the provision of goods using the ‘just-in-sequence’ system and even managing the loading of goods for shipping at the customer's premises. In addition to this, we are often asked to handle returns, including sorting into good and substandard parts and quality control for the second distribution channel.

[Translate to Englisch:] Betrieb Konsignationsläger Reber

Operation of consignment warehouses

For closer proximity to your customer's production site and to avoid long transport routes. We ensure the fast provision of goods to your customer's production line and secure your revenues too.

[Translate to Englisch:] BETRIEB VON IMPORTLÄGERN


For the consolidation of stocks of goods and to handle customs formalities on your behalf.

Operation of warehouses for small parts

When even the last tiny screw needs to be available ‘just-in-sequence’, REBER is your partner of choice. Thanks to our automated processes, we will be sure to meet your deadlines even with a wide diversity of articles and small part order picking.

[Translate to Englisch:] Betrieb von Schnelllieferlägern Reber

Operation of fast delivery warehouses

For optimised processes from the sender to the buyer and high availability of warehouse stock. Including a packaging service capable of dealing with piece goods of furniture parts for retail or for the end customer. With long cut-off and extended order-picking times in the warehouse.

[Translate to Englisch:] Bestandsmanagement Lagerlogistik Reber

Inventory management as well as statistics and evaluations

With camera systems in all warehouses. With our own warehouse management system or the tools used by the customer. If required, also with data and analysis solutions which can be specially developed for the customer. For full transparency as well as an overview of all processes and the opportunity to be able to manage your own success.