REBER plants 60,000 trees

Mixed forest offsets the CO₂ emissions of the entire vehicle fleet.

Sustainability goals without compromises - this is not only the wish of Managing Director Mirko Kauffeldt, but of the entire REBER Group. CO₂ certificates are not a convincing solution here. Because the group doesn't want to acquire the right to pollute the air, but to make a visible difference to environmental protection and climate friendliness.

Therefore, the REBER Group offsets the CO₂ emissions of its vehicle fleet, which currently comprises over one hundred vehicles.

This is possible thanks to a new sustainability project in which 60,000 new trees are planted. 24,000 copper beech and common oak trees have already been planted since last year on an eight-hectare plot of forest in the Grunow district of Oder-Spree in Brandenburg.

The project partner is the Berlin-based environmental company Woodu, which plants mixed forests throughout Germany in order to limit climate change and stop forest dieback. However, the area on the Polish border is not simply a matter of planting trees, but of converting the forest. The existing pine monoculture is being replanted into a mixed forest, and withered pines are being replaced by deciduous trees.

The sustainability project was also supported by many interns who used their excursion of several days to increase the forest area by another 1,000 trees. 

The REBER Group is pleased to implement such a large and environmentally beneficial project and to soon be able to deliver completely climate neutral!