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Extension of the flowering sponsorship

REBER creates blooming fields

The REBER Group stands for combining strengths to achieve great results. And this not only in the logistic environment, but also for people and nature! 

A few months ago we already reported about the flowering sponsorship to the initiative Feldwerk, which was founded for the protection of the local fauna and flora and supports REBER with the planting and care of the flowering meadow. 

Because what at first seems like a "simple" field ensures that insects threatened with extinction find a home. The composition of the plants takes into account the peculiarities and preferences of the various native species.  

And to continue to protect and support biodiversity, the group extended its field sponsorship and is also putting brand-new swap bodies on the road. These pick up the cooperation with Feldwerk in the context of a co-branding and underline with the slogan "Because even insects need a home", the claim of the group to offer a home.

The REBER Group is already looking forward to the future cooperation with Feldwerk to save resources!