Gas-powered and extra-long trucks to cut down on CO2 emissions

Since May 2019, we have been using a CNG vehicle for local transport needs at the REBER Melle site. This has enabled us to reduce CO2 emissions by 20 % and nitrogen oxide emissions by 85 %. The CNG truck also performs well in terms of noise levels and particulate matter. In June 2020, REBER's innovative and sustainable fleet gained a new addition – an LNG tractor unit which is to be stationed at the Melle site and is in use across Germany for trailer shuttle transport. In addition to this, the company is also investing in three extra-long semi-trailers (LKW Type 1) which are 1.4 metres longer than a standard semi-trailer. The positive effects for the environment are very convincing. The increased volume carried (10 % higher) makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by 10 %, fuel consumption by 10 %, and also transport on other trucks by 10 %. Investments such as these show that REBER take issues such as sustainability and protecting the environment very seriously indeed. Innovation and ecology go hand in hand in the REBER fleet.