Truck driving from the age of 17

Young drivers and the future of transportation

The EU Commission's latest proposals for the revision of the driving license directive could have a lasting impact on the transport industry. In particular, the introduction of accompanied driving from the age of 17 for truck drivers throughout the EU is being discussed. At REBER Logistik, we see this regulation as a potential contribution to alleviating the shortage of skilled workers and as an opportunity for young people to gain earlier access to the transport industry, which can broaden their career prospects.

The EU Commission proposes that accompanied driving from the age of 17 should become the rule for driving license categories B and C in all EU countries. Accompanying persons must meet certain requirements, including a minimum age of 25 years, more than five years of driving experience without disqualification and no criminal offenses in road traffic.

For REBER Logistik, the reforms are not just about giving young drivers the opportunity to get behind the wheel at an early age, but also about promoting intergenerational exchange. Continuous driving in the company of experienced drivers not only offers technical know-how, but also provides valuable practical tips.

The increased motivation of young drivers to "make a difference" could strengthen the transport sector in the long term. At the same time, we see it as an enrichment for experienced drivers to pass on their knowledge and contribute to the safety of the next generation through practical examples. 

For us, the reform not only has the potential to transform the industry, but also to create a positive dynamic between old and young.