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Company Fitness

Preferential Offers for Staff

REBER looks after the health and well-being of its staff. That’s why the company has entered into cooperation with Sportnavi, the network of high-quality providers from the fields of sport, fitness, health and wellness. REBER staff can receive a Sportnavi membership card at highly discounted rates, gaining access to a wide variety of facilities in their region, from swimming pools and massage practices, right up to gyms.

The cooperation will initially benefit REBER staff in Melle. The staff in Germersheim, Ohlweiler and Leipzig will have to wait a little while longer because the Sportnavi network in these regions is still being set up.

The management at REBER knows that a company is only as fit and healthy as its staff. With measures such as the Sportnavi cooperation, they are therefore creating the best conditions for being able to achieve great things together in the future, too.