Acquisition of PRIMUS Logistik A.L.S. GmbH

REBER's vision is a world in which strengths combine to achieve great things. And the company is consistently putting this into practice. For example, Primus OWL GmbH was already acquired in 2020 in order to combine the joint strengths. On July 1, 2022, the REBER Group will take over 100% of the company shares of PRIMUS LOGISTIK A.L.S. GmbH in Alsfeld from Mr. Heinz Seemann.

Heinz Seemann founded the company in 2004 and has been active in furniture logistics for more than 50 years. A successful partnership developed from a cooperation and now results in the integration of a whole company. For REBER this is a great sign of confidence in the many measures taken so far and another chapter in the future as a furniture logistics expert.

In Alsfeld Primus is active for the logistic handling of the office furniture manufacturer CEKA. The company's employees are, among others, experts for route and order planning, disposition, loading and in quality management and thus form an optimal complement for REBER.

The REBER Group is proud of its business development and wants to underline its claim to be a strong partner for all customers with this business expansion. REBER is looking forward to the growth and to the successful cooperation with all parties involved.